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Fall Trends from Central Oregon Eyecare

Oct 13 2015


Embrace the “Wild Wild West” sentiment with open arms this fall when it comes to eyewear – almost anything goes! Unrestricted silhouettes, like free-flowing shields, extreme cat-eyes and domineering squares, encourage freedom of expression, while scrupulous detailing makes these frames downright showstoppers. Vintage appeal is a major player for men; clip-on lenses, keyhole bridges and wire accents flawlessly channel that sought-after ‘70s vibe. For the ladies, esoteric patterns – think animalistic motifs, lacy arrangements, houndstooth prints and abstract swirls – coupled with edgy cutouts offer just the right amount of panache to quench any trend influencer’s fashionable thirst. Bottom line: Go big, or go home!

Old-School Fever

What’s old is new again not only in terms of this season’s hottest clothing and accessories, but also for specs and sunnies. The disco era comes alive in the form of funky shapes, smooth colorations and simple updates for a fresh take on a well-loved trend. Small, almost miniature, rounds emanate John Lennon charisma; however, a palette of stone gray, warm honey, cherry red and ivy green pumps new blood into the classic style. Though circular frames are a focal point for the fellas, teardrop aviators and oversized squares are great alternatives to achieve the same retro look. Mod-obsessed gals, on the other hand, have plenty of options including crafty hexagons, sultry cat-eyes, bold browlines and two-toned effects.

Tried + True

There’s something powerful about going back to the basics and simplifying a wardrobe from head to toe. Just like a favorite pair of jeans, returning to those trusted glasses and shades can deliver the same comfort and nostalgia, while simultaneously conveying impeccable taste. Clean profiles are essential, and preferred, whereas a more varied color scheme accommodates a new level of intrigue. Dependable rectangles are the go-to shape for guys, especially in crystal clear or slightly translucent treatments. Metal or mixed materials keep these frames minimalistic, and steely grays, olive greens and a range of blues provide depth. Oversized Jackie O square and butterfly silhouettes, as well as cheeky cat-eyes, are the perfect counterparts to aspiring style icons in cosmetic and pastel hues, not to mention classic black, of course.

Upbeat Charm

Eclectic pieces and vibrant pops of color proved to be integral parts of the most elite designers’ collections this season. Sunwear and eyewear didn’t fall short, as a plethora of look-at-me frames marched unapologetically down New York Fashion Week’s catwalks. The amount of innovative shields, sporty aviators, new-age navigators and athletic wraparounds to choose from is pleasantly overwhelming. Flash and colored lenses – particularly in blue, green and orange – are must-haves for dudes and chicks alike. An androgynous feeling permeates and refreshes this trend, with opportunities to carve out more feminine or masculine appearances. Rigid, angular shapes in true black work well for men, meanwhile softened profiles in pale pinks and baby blues appease the ladies.

Tom Ford Eyewear by Marcolin

Jun 23 2015

A true piece of Italian luxury for the 21st century Tom Ford used his skills and the reputation he had built to launch his own collection which includes the fabulous Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses collection. Tom Ford created a true piece of Italian luxury, every pair of Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses have an effortless elegance and style which represents a timeless look, the first true luxury sunglass brand of the 21st century. The Tom Ford glasses and sunglasses range features some truly beautiful and desirable pieces.

The Tom Ford Eyewear style and finish of each frame is superb, being completed by hand in Italy. The latest 2014 collection is a combination of metal and acetate styles, which Tom Ford has designed for both men and women; bold, yet elegant, they exude sophistication and a sense of luxury.

The Tom Ford spectacles and sunglasses collection has been designed to be desired and loved. Tom Ford Collection For Spring 2014, Tom Ford introduces frames for women and men that bring statement-making, directional design to the face, with extraordinary levels of luxury and comfort. The collection includes new versions of Tom Ford’s best-selling sunglasses plus new styles that morph vintage-inspired shapes into ultra-contemporary silhouettes and colours. Spring 2014 also sees 60’s style optical frames. A perfectionist. His inspiration comes from the past, his designs are pro-active, he creates what we desire, he is the man behind fashion. Designer Tom Ford brings his modern, sexy style to his superstar collection of eyewear. Nobody does high-impact glamour like Tom Ford!

Tom Ford offers an expanding range of styles in their collection of frames. They have shapes to suit everyone, from Tom Ford geek glasses, Tom Ford round eye glasses and Tom Ford cat eye glasses. 

i.Scription Technology for Your Best Vision Possible!

And suddenly you see more, even at night and in low-light!

i.Scription® lenses by ZEISS offer a new approach for better vision — enjoy clearer vision with better contrast

The human eye is one of the most complex systems in the human body. Each of your eyes is as unique as a fingerprint and numerous elements must come together to provide you with good vision. Even the smallest imperfection can lead to vision issues. The good news is that Central Oregon Eyecare & ZEISS can customize a vision solution to provide you with clearer vision. i.Scription technology by ZEISS analyzes the individual profile of each of your eyes, and uses the data to provide a highly refined and specialized eyeglass lens prescription. This prescription is used to create lenses that are individually tailored to the unique characteristics of each eye — providing you with your best vision possible.

For some, i.Scription can mean an entirely new quality of vision — especially at night, when the risk of having a traffic accident is at its highest, due to reflections, mirror images, limited vision, and low contrasts which can irritate and fatigue the eyes and the human sensory system overall. Eyeglass lenses with i.Scription technology can improve night vision — making night driving more comfortable and safe for you.

ZEISS precision eyeglass lenses with i.Scription technology will enhance your vision and your experiences. The creation of your individual i.Scription begins at Central Oregon Eyecare with an examination with the i.Profilerplus® by ZEISS, which analyzes more than 2,500 reference points within your eye, providing Drs.Sheldon & Oswald with an extremely detailed vision profile. i.Profilerplus is unique because it allows your eye care professional to take measurements of dilated pupils under low-light vision conditions. As a result, vision problems that have a considerable impact of the quality of a person’s night time vision can be recognized and improved.

 i.Scription technology uses the information gathered from the examination with the i.Profilerplus in addition to our doctors’ measurements to produce an extremely precise prescription that matches your unique vision challenges. The subsequent lenses are refined to an accuracy far higher than traditional eyeglass lenses. With your unique visual profile, your eye doctor determines your precise prescription, and can create ZEISS customized lenses with i.Scription to deliver your best vision possible. 

Computer Vision Syndrome

May 27 2015

Computer Vision Syndrome describes a group of eye and vision-related problems that result from prolonged computer use. Many individuals experience eye discomfort and vision problems when viewing a computer screen for extended periods. The level of discomfort appears to increase with the amount of computer use.

The most common symptoms associated with Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS) are:

  • eyestrain
  • headaches
  • blurred vision
  • dry eyes
  • neck and shoulder pain

These symptoms may be caused by:

  • poor lighting
  • glare on the computer screen
  • improper viewing distances
  • poor seating posture
  • uncorrected vision problems
  • a combination of these factors

The extent to which individuals experience visual symptoms often depends on the level of their visual abilities and the amount of time spent looking at the computer screen. Uncorrected vision problems like farsightedness and astigmatism, inadequate eye focusing or eye coordination abilities, and aging changes of the eyes, such as presbyopia, can all contribute to the development of visual symptoms when using a computer.

Many of the visual symptoms experienced by computer users are only temporary and will decline after stopping computer work. However, some individuals may experience continued reduced visual abilities, such as blurred distance vision, even after stopping work at a computer. If nothing is done to address the cause of the problem, the symptoms will continue to recur and perhaps worsen with future computer use.

Prevention or reduction of the vision problems associated with Computer Vision Syndrome involves taking steps to control lighting and glare on the computer screen, establishing proper working distances and posture for computer viewing, and assuring that even minor vision problems are properly corrected.

At Central Oregon Eyecare, we offer many computer specific lens options for computer users.  These lenses allow the user to see the computer screen clearly without titling their head, as well as read clearly.  The field of view is much wider than a progressive lens.  If you work in an office setting and experience eyestrain by the end of the day, we can help!

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