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About Us: Central Oregon Eyecare in Bend

At Central Oregon Eyecare, your eye care needs are our top priority. With our advanced technology supporting every step of the process, we are able to deliver customized treatments that suit each individual patient.

We know that going to the eye doctor can be scary, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By keeping you informed during every treatment, Central Oregon Eyecare offers you the peace of mind that every patient should have when seeing their eye doctor.

Eyecare in Bend, OR
Eye Care Center Bend, OR

Complete Eye Care Near You

Our qualified team of optometric physicians in Bend is dedicated to meeting all your vision needs. From routine eye exams to advanced diagnostic testing, our family eye doctors are committed to providing you with the highest level of care.

At Central Oregon Eyecare, we want you to feel like part of the family, so our local eye doctors will always provide you with the most thoughtful and hassle-free treatment plans possible.

Comprehensive Eye Examination

Bend’s Comprehensive Eye Exam: A Fit for All Ages

Your eye health is crucial to your overall well-being, and routine eye exams are a vital part of your yearly health plan. Utilizing our state-of-the-art technology, we check for proper development, monitor your visual acuity, and ensure that your eyes are functioning at their best.

With many eye conditions exhibiting little to no symptoms until it is too late, it is important to schedule your routine eye exam to guarantee that your eyes stay healthy and your vision stays sharp.


Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Testing

Cataracts, glaucoma, and other serious eye conditions can lead to a partial or complete loss of vision. At Central Oregon Eyecare, we advocate for early detection in order to prevent this unfortunate and often preventable outcome. Our advanced diagnostic equipment allows us a more in-depth look into your eye than is possible with most other optometrists. With insights developed using our state-of-the-art technology, we can build an advanced disease treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

Our practice also believes that education is the first step to prevention. Your entire eye team is your #1 advocate, and their proactive approach to eye care includes various steps that you can take to keep your eyes healthy. Eye care does not have to be a drastic or intimidating process, and often the best treatments are simple changes that happen at home.


Eyeglasses for the Entire Family

Our Bend location carries a full range of lens and frame options, ensuring that each member of your family can find their perfect style. From top eyewear brands like Oakley to Sospiri and more, our designer frames will keep you in-fashion all year.

Our dedicated opticians know that eyewear is about more than just a brand, however. Working together, we will find the perfect pair that fits your hobbies, activity level, and vision needs, creating not only an aesthetic match but a lifestyle match as well.


Contact Lenses in Bend, OR

We know that finding the perfect pair of contacts can be a daunting task. Your Bend location of Central Oregon Eyecare carries a variety of options in contact lenses to make finding the perfect fit as simple as possible. Need bifocal contacts? We have them. Monovision? Not a problem. Cosmetic or sports contacts? Let’s try them out! Your perfect pair of contacts is waiting for you, and our team of optical specialists is ready to help you find your go-to product.

To take the pressure off, we also offer a contact lens fit guarantee. This means if you try lenses that don’t fit perfectly or aren’t comfortable, we won’t charge you for an additional lens evaluation or fit. Additionally, if you purchase contact lenses that you decide you don’t like, you can return them and any money you’ve spent will go to a new pair of glasses. *

*Within 90 days of initial evaluation. Some restrictions apply.

About Bend, OR

Central Oregon Eyecare is more than just an eye doctor. We are also part of your local community in Bend, OR. We believe in community eye care, and we are honored to serve the people of Bend and the surrounding area. As Central Oregon’s largest city, Bend is an active community of nature-lovers whose lifestyles make clear vision a necessity.

Eye Care Services in Bend

Central Oregon Eyecare – Bend

2155 NW Shevlin Park Rd
Bend, OR 97703
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Mon-Fri: 9:00 AM-5:00 PM
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Saturday: Closed.
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If you’re coming from the north, drive southeast on US-97 S. Turn right onto NW Lafayette Ave, and then quickly turn left onto NW Wall Street, passing Aquaglide. Next, turn right onto NW Newport Avenue, where Bend Brewing Company will be on your left. Stay straight through three traffic circles, and then turn right onto NW Torrey Pines Drive. Quickly turn left onto Monterey Pines Drive, and then make another immediate left onto NW Sugar Pines Drive. Finally, turn left onto NW Shevlin Park Rd, where we will be located on your right.

If you’re coming from the south, head east on Mountaineer Way, passing Skyline Park. Turn left onto Mountaineer Way, and then quickly make another left onto Mt. Washington Drive. Continue straight through three traffic circles, passing Washington Dining and Cocktails on your right. At the fourth traffic circle, take the 1st exit onto NW Shevlin Park road, and the Bend office will be on your right.

Central Oregon Eye Care Testimonials

"Both my husband and I recently had our eyes examined by Dr. Decker, and we thought she was professional and personable. She took all the time we needed in answering our questions, and the exam was thorough. We have been to several other offices, in the last 20 years, in Bend but this is the only one I would highly recommend to folks looking for a very good eye care provider." - K. Martin, Bend

"The staff here at Central Oregon eye Care was very kind, very helpful, and experts at what they do. Dr Territo listened to me and was able to update my prescription to my exact needs. I really appreciate their attention to detail." - Brian K.

"Everyone at Central Oregon Eyecare is amazing. The service and level of care exceed the standard and I have been a patient for over two years now. Also, their eyewear selection is amazing!" - Davin K.


How We’re Handling COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, we’re committed to keeping you and our staff safe while also providing the best care possible. We continue to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and will keep you updated with new details regarding our practice.