How Do Blue Light Glasses Work?

Aug 28 2020

You’ve probably read a few things about the dangers of too much blue light. As we spend more time looking at screens, day and night, the risk of experiencing digital eye strain, trouble sleeping, and possibly even retina damage increases.

Fortunately, there’s a simple solution: blue light–blocking glasses can save you from the inconvenient symptoms of overexposure to blue light — headaches, insomnia, and loss of focus — even when you’re forced to spend a long time in front of screens at school or work.

But what are blue light lenses, and how can these special glasses help prevent the side effects of too much blue light?

Blue Light–Blocking Glasses in Redmond

What Are Blue Light Glasses and What Makes Them Special?

Blue light–blocking glasses (more specifically, the lenses) are equipped with special technology that filters or blocks blue light.

Similar to the way UV-filtering sunglasses use lenses with a dark tint to counteract the ultraviolet light rays, most blue light glasses have a nearly unnoticeable yellow-orange tint that sits at the opposite end of the visible light spectrum from blue. When blue light is filtered through the tinted lenses, the harsh light is softened, making it easier to look at for an extended period of time.

When this high-tech lens enhancement is doing its job, you won’t have to worry about blue light messing with your sleep schedule or damaging your eyes.

Can I Buy Blue Light–Blocking Glasses at Central Oregon Eyecare?

Yes! Some of our customers will likely remember the earliest “computer” glasses — they looked like bright orange sunglasses. They might’ve been effective in stopping the harmful effects of blue light, but who wants to stand out that much when you’re trying to protect your eyes?

Today’s blue light glasses are much different. In fact, they’re not special glasses at all! With the addition of special lenses, you can have a wide variety of frames upgraded to become blue light–blocking eyewear that fits your style and your budget.


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