Prolonged Eyesight is Possible

Sep 28 2018

By: Brian Oulman, OD


Yes!  You read that correctly. Central Oregon Eyecare is proud to announce a revolutionary piece of equipment that can- with over 90% accuracy- diagnose Macular Degeneration before there are any clinical signs.

What does this mean? It means even though the surface of your macula looks healthy, Macular Degeneration may have already started and been in a “subclinical” stage. With early detection, our physicians can explain the proper protection to potentially give you longer eyesight or better yet the possibility of never losing your eyesight from this horrendous progressive eye disease.

Losing eyesight is one of the most traumatic events that could happen in one’s lifetime.  Ask yourself which of the 5 senses would be the worst to lose. Did you think eyesight? Imagine not being able to see or recognize faces, not being able to drive or even read a book comfortably.

Is 6.5 minutes’ worth your time to know if you have subclinical Macular Degeneration?


This is why we are proud to introduce the Adapt Dx, by Maculolgix, at Central Oregon Eyecare. The AdaptDX is a dark adaptation test. It determines how long it takes for your eyes to adapt in the dark.

Think about going into a dark room after being in the sunlight. We are simply measuring how long it takes for your eyes to adjust.

There are 2 different types of Adapt Dx tests: the rapid and the extended test.  The Rapid test takes no longer than 6.5 minutes to determine with over 90% accuracy if AMD is present.

If this rapid test determines the presence of the disease then the second, extended, test will be administered to determine the actual time it takes to adapt to the dark. Over time these times will be graphed and monitored to determine the progression (if any) occurs.

Our physicians will discuss the proper lifestyle changes that might need to occur, the appropriate nutrients and supplements to take daily AND the proper eyewear protection you will need to increase the chance of prolonging any vision loss.  (In my next blog, I will discuss the lifestyle changes, nutrients/supplements, and eyewear protection so stay tuned.)

Maculogix AMD Equipment

This test is designed for patients if night time vision is difficult, the time it takes from light to dark seems like it is getting longer, you have a family member with Macular Degeneration or if you just want to know if your macula is healthy.

With the advances in healthcare to help us live longer, there is a higher prevalence of Macular Degeneration. We now can be more proactive with our eyesight and eye health to see longer. The aging process affects all of us in different ways, please have you and your loved ones schedule a yearly eye health exam to SEE longer.


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