Workplace Wellness Through Happy Eyes

Mar 9 2018

By: Brian Oulman, OD

How often do you go to work and think, “I’m going to keep my eyes happy today?”  Chances are never. However, you probably make adjustments to your devices or put on safety glasses that make your eyes feel more comfortable, thus happy.

Workplace eye injuries usually happen quickly and without warning, in fact, there are thousands of eye injuries every year in the United States, some causing permanent vision loss.  However, with the introduction of computers or other devices, workplace eye injuries can occur slowly by stress and strain placed on your eyes and visual system.

Let’s discuss some workplace wellness for your eyes. The most common device used to protect the eyeball are safety glasses.  From hospital employees not wanting to get bodily fluids in their eye, to mechanics, even custodians, should be wearing safety glasses to protect their eyes.  Welders too should always know to wear their helmets with the appropriate shade number to protect from flash burns.

Mechanic Safety GlassesHospital Safety GlassesWelder Safety Glasses

Now onto devices. They are everywhere, in every office for almost every employee and in most peoples’ hands all day long.  How do devices decrease workplace wellness?  As humans, our eyes were not designed to stare at a screen, let alone 8-10 hours a day.  The visual system becomes stressed out and as a consequence, your vision can be affected.  Lucky for patients, Central Oregon Eyecare offers the latest technology in anti-fatigue prescription lenses.  Not only do they keep the visual system relaxed they also incorporate new anti-glare technology to block the harmful blue light emanating off devices.  How much happier do you think your eyes could get?  A bit happier, when you realize that using devices decreases your blink rate, dramatically increasing the dryness in your eye.  Central Oregon Eyecare will discuss the appropriate and healthy eye drops that should be used.  Now your eyes will be happy!

Think about the children. Their workplace is school, right?  More schools are adopting devices for children to learn on, then these children go home and use a tablet, pad or play video games: so they are on and off devices all day.  Since 80% of what children learn goes through their eyes and visual system, we should start to think more about keeping their eyes and visual system healthy and happy.  Central Oregon Eyecare offers amazing lenses to give these children a focusing boost for all the time they spend on devices.  The evolutionary Sync lens will decrease the chances of focusing on issues while increasing the learning process.  We are noticing a dramatic increase in children having dry eye problems with the increased use of devices. Allow the physicians at Central Oregon Eyecare to discuss what can be done to help.

As you can see, there are many ways to help your overall workplace wellness.  When you are at work next, pay attention to how you make your eyes happy!   If they are not comfortable all day long, allow Central Oregon Eyecare the opportunity to help them.  Please make sure you and your loved ones have an annual eye health exam to discuss options for happy and healthy eyes for life.


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