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Contact Lenses in Central Oregon

At Central Oregon Eyecare, we’ve helped countless patients throughout the region improve their vision with contact lenses, even patients who have tried and struggled to wear contacts in the past. That’s because we offer more than just precise contact lens prescriptions and refills.

We provide proper care instructions, fittings and comfort check-ups, a contact lens fit guarantee, and an uncommonly-great level of care for your eyes.

Why Do Contact Lens Wearers Trust Central Oregon Eyecare?

Contact lenses are a great choice for anyone who wants convenient, comfortable, and clear vision. We make it easy to find the lenses that are right for you, with specialized fittings and plenty of options.

Specialized Contact Lens in Central Oregon

Highly-Specialized Exams and Fittings

Our contact lens exams begin with a comprehensive look at your eye health. We’ll screen you for a variety of eye conditions and diseases with the latest medical equipment, and determine what vision correction you need. We look a little deeper, measuring your eyes and assessing your tear production and quality to make sure you’re a candidate to wear contacts comfortably.

Central Oregon Contact Lens Fittings

Our Contact Lens
Fit Guarantee

If you try lenses on and don’t want to move forward with them, we won’t charge for the additional time, evaluation, or fitting! Even if you start using specific contacts and decide they’re not right for you, we’ve still got you covered. We’ll apply any money spent on contacts that don’t work for you towards new eyewear that will have you seeing clearly and comfortably.

Central Oregon Contact Lens Fittings

Specialized Options for Every Patient

We work with plenty of “hard-to-fit” patients that can only comfortably wear a handful of contacts brands or types, but even the average patient has needs we can meet with our wide selection of contact lens options:

  • Monovision contact lenses for myopia (nearsightedness) and hyperopia (farsightedness)
  • Bifocal contact lenses for presbyopia
  • Toric contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Scleral contact lenses for keratoconus and other irregular corneal issues
  • Dry eye contact lenses that lock in moisture
  • Sports contact lenses for performance and eye protection
  • A variety of colored, tinted, and cosmetic contacts!
Online Ordering Options for Contact Lenses

Online Ordering Options

We believe that you deserve to be able to get your contacts delivered directly to you, no matter what. That’s why we make it convenient to order and reorder your contact lenses online. Central Oregon Eyecare can help you make sure you never have to worry about running out of lenses!

We offer contacts online ordering for each of our five convenient locations. Click on your preferred location and follow the on-screen instructions to order online:

First-Time Contact
Lens Wearer?

Whether you’ve never worn contacts before, you’ve tried contact lenses but couldn’t find the right product, or are considering trying something different, we can provide guidance and education that are a step above the rest.

From helping you understand how different styles and brands will work with your eyes, to showing you how to insert, clean, and care for your lenses, the team at Central Oregon Eyecare has worked hard to make sure our contact lens patients receive the excellent care that we’re known for.

To request an appointment for a contact lens exam, click the button at the top of the page, or call us at (541) 249-7652 today!

Education for First-Time Contact Lens Wearer



How We’re Handling COVID-19

During these unprecedented times, we’re committed to keeping you and our staff safe while also providing the best care possible. We continue to follow the guidelines set by the CDC and will keep you updated with new details regarding our practice.